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About Us

About Hollee


If you know me, you know I love three things with all of my being: my husband, our twins and all things fancy!  The more anything sparkles and shines, the more it has a permanent place in my heart. The more beautiful something is, the more it speaks to me. It's simple really... making things beautiful feeds my soul.

My Inspiration


My father in law recently passed away after a long and beautiful life.  God shined through him like the brightest sun.  Papa loved unconditionally and he loved me.  At his service his best friend, Gene, sang Amazing Grace.  It touched me deeply and in ways I could not imagine. Amazing Graze formed in my heart that day. 

The Amazing Graze Story


I had been searching and praying about my next career path. One that would feed my soul, my need for creativity and of course, those I love. Amazing Graze began that day as a vision and has only grown since. My goal: to spread little seeds of faith and love through beautiful food!